An introduction to Storey Racing

Heading into their 9th year as a team, Storey Racing [founded in 2013 under sponsor names] will be a 12 rider roster for 2022 with a continued emphasis on developing each individual under the team’s ethos #BestVersionOfYou. Led by co-founders, Dame Sarah and Barney Storey, the team has been built on strong foundations of following process goals, seeking joy in the journey and focusing on each rider producing their very best performance.

Whether a training ride close to home or an international event with major titles to be won, the team pride themselves on breaking down each challenge into manageable chunks. Having created a welcoming and nurturing environment, the team has delighted in seeing many of their alumni go on to professional contracts, UCI teams and National team selections.

Membership is on an invitation basis with very few slots available each year due to the success of the team at retaining and continuing to support and develop riders of all ages.

The challenge of the covid-19 pandemic affected the team, with numerous sponsors unable to continue their involvement due to the financial crisis many businesses faced. Rebuilding the team has not been easy and their remains numerous logo sites on the team kit for new sponsors in the future.

To contact the team about becoming a team sponsor please email