This Sunday I had so many rides planned. Like trying to ram four mince pies in your mouth at once, which is definitely ill advised, even if you’ve just got in from a ride the average temperature of which was zero degrees, signing up to as many Christmas club events was both greedy and inevitably futile, not least because even though your mouth and enthusiasm for cycling is bigger than the average, you really cannot get them all in.

Luckily, all of them got snowed off but then I was left in my fancy dress costume (actually just my Storey Racing Kit that looks exactly like what wonderwoman would wear if she was a cyclist worried about aero minimal gains) glibly doing a 10 mile time trial on my rollers, 6 minutes slower than my summer personal best watching the snowflakes fall along with my form…the rollers might have been a bit frozen…

This weekend was my last in Manchester for the holidays and was excited to enjoy all the reasons I moved here: a wide selection of clubs to join in with (I’ve managed to get out with seven so far) and many more team mates to replace all that muscle glycogen with (talking about serious cyclist’s levels of carbs here).

Also, proximity to Storey Racing’s Sarah and Barney has been invaluable. Most recently when my entirely power data focused training faced defeat with broken power pedals before I knew it I’d upgraded to Jam Cycling’s infocrank. I think Barney fitted it in 9 minutes (possibly Barney’s info crank fitting record). Then there’s Caroline who is the team’s magician, resident in Cheadle Hulme whose Holistic Life Wellness Centre is very close to me…did I say magician…sorry I get masseuse and magicians easily confused especially ones who disappear back spasms like bunny rabbits.

I’m such a widely travelled cyclist now and back in my funded days had my best winter training season taking on Mallorca and Valencia…until now. I have felt no wanderlust and need to flee winter in Manchester, it’s always about 7 degrees warmer than Scotland and I count and appreciate every degree. Really though this is my new, trike training mecca and I’m more secure in the cycling bubble than ever- supported, settled and sure in myself.

Maybe it’s I haven’t had a single puncture since donning the hardy Schwalbe winter tyres thanks to our sponsor, hope I’m not enraging the puncture gods right now. I’ll certainly be taking on the snow deities tomorrow with my weekly cornering practice at Tameside track. The beauty of trikes with good tyres is ice doesn’t make cycling any more dangerous than any other time of the year, you’re still just as likely to deck it (without the halls and boughs of holly) round corners.

Snow or no snow, I’m on Storey Racing’s nice list for 2018 so that has to bode well.