With just a day to go to the 2018 Tour De Yorkshire excitement is building and riders have completed the final days of training in preparation.

This year the Tour De Yorkshire is two days for the women, how great is this! The team is super excited to get on the start line. The storey girls are well prepared for the race as a full recce of the two stages was done at the beginning of April in order to allow everyone to have the best chance possible of being well prepared.

So, that brings us to stage 1 on Thursday 3rd May which starts in Beverley and finishes in Doncaster totalling 132KM. This stage is flat and fast, it’s very much like typical Belgium terrain, open windy flat sections where the race could potentially split. With the teams we’ll be racing announced the early recce allowed the girls to prepare mentally and gives them an idea of how the race might pan out. We have a good range in ability in the team this year which gives us strength in depth meaning we have a few cards to play on both days.

As stage 1 is flat, this will be more suited to our fast finishers in Becks Durrell and EJay Harris whilst stage 2 being a pretty hilly stage, will prove to be a tough finish to an exciting 2 days, and more suited to Joss Lowden and Anna Kay with their exceptional power to weight ratio.

Stage 1 has two sprints to contend and one QOM. It’s expected to be a fast stage, so whilst a breakaway or peloton split may establish on the windier open sections, it’s expected to be a bunch sprint in the wide long straight of the Doncaster finish.

So then we go into stage two which is hilly and likely to bring a lot of action! This stage starts in Barnsley and finishes in Ilkley on the Cow and Calf, totalling 121.5KM. This stage has two sprints and two QOM’s. From kilometre zero the terrain climbs straight away and the really strong teams are going to be trying to split the peloton from the start. This day is likely to be won from a breakaway as the peloton is unlikely to still be all together by the finish due to the lumpy nature of the course. The two main climbs on this course are really tough, and the recce allowed the team to know where they will need to be positioned in the peloton going into each climb in order to get over them in a good place keeping in touch with the group.

One of our new signing’s for 2018, Rebecca Durrell, says ‘‘Now I am confirmed to ride the race, stage 1 is the one I am most excited about. The strength of the teams that will be present means that there’s a strong potential for the race to split, keeping everyone on their toes.”

“If the race stays together, then it would be the sort of finish that I enjoy, a full gas sprint into the town centre. It’s a special race. The roads of Yorkshire are tough and grippy, but the crowds are phenomenal. They’re out to cheer and have a good time along so much of the route. It’s great to see the organisers are taking steps forward each year to bring the woman’s race on. It’s already a key event on the calendar and looks like it’s only going to get even better!”

Our Team:
Rebecca Durrell
Ejay Harris
Neah Evans
Beth Crumpton
Joss Lowden
Anna Kay

The race looks like it’s going to be a great but really tough 2 days of racing and the Storey Racing riders are more than ready to tackle whatever gets thrown their way!

Sooo what’s left to say now is, We’ll see you on the road! Ciao for now.

Monica x