The Storey Racing team didn’t have any plans to run the London Marathon in 2020 as we expected to be deep in to the cycling racing season but when the 2.6 challenge was announced as alternative way to help fundraise for the many charities that are losing revenue during the lockdown, we decided to get our thinking caps on and find ways to challenge ourselves in a non-racing situation!

Amongst our 2020 team we have Kelly Murphy who still holds the record for the fastest marathon whilst wearing a graduation gown. Her time of 03:32:08 in 2015 at the London Marathon was done a few months before she joined the Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling team for her first full season as a cyclist.

Proudly displaying the Boot Out Breast Cancer logo on the team’s jersey and shorts, the riders of Storey Racing have been promoting the charity since 2014 and today make a contribution to the fundraising efforts, having had fun putting together their various challenges.

Boot Out Breast Cancer is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary in 2020 and has raised in excess of £1million for diagnosis equipment in NHS hospitals across the north-west of England. Now focused on a new target of raising £535,000 for The Christie to fund the Boot Out Breast Cancer Outreach Project, the money from this weekends 2.6 challenge will help the charity on it’s mission for this incredible programme.

Watch the team’s various challenges here and to support the work of Boot Out Breast Cancer click here, or contact the charity direct here.