On Saturday 16th January the Storey Racing team will be lining up alongside Mike Tindall, Taylor Phinney and numerous other big names to ride the Cure Parkinson’s Chase on Zwift, using the event exclusive course – Keith Hill After Party.

The 36.7km event is supported by Le Col, our team apparel partner, and has a significant 435m of climbing despite the relative short distance. The event will be set up to create a competition between the Drops Le Col UCI Continental Women’s Cycling team and the Tindall and co riders, which is where Storey Racing will be in support. Broadcast on Zwift’s YouTube channel from 3pm GMT, all the action will be live here www.youtu.be/3PF5kVaC-Wc

Leading the B category will be team captain Dame Sarah Storey and ably accompanied by Corrine Hall, Chanel Mason, Charlotte Parnham and Lucy Gadd. Co-leader for this category will be Cure Parkinson’s CEO, William Cook.

Mike Tindall and Taylor Phinney take on the co-lead roles for the C category and will be supported by Erin Avill and Beth Morrow, whilst Katie Toft and Kinga Ingram will be riding with the D category from the start and looking to jump in the faster groups should the catches be made.

Speaking about the event, Dame Sarah Storey said, “Everyone is very aware of the significant challenges faced by charities as a result of the pandemic, so to be able to support a fundraising event like this is a real honour.”

“With very few race opportunities in 2020, the team has been working hard to find ways to maintain our contact with riders and have other cycling based events to focus on. A chase style event like this one, is a perfect opportunity for the riders to have a blast out on their turbos and test their legs, especially at the start of another national lockdown when we aren’t sure when racing will be able to resume again.”

The Cure Parkinson’s cycling jersey which the team will be using during the event on Saturday

Signing up to the event is easy via the link in the Zwift companion app or here.

We’d love to hear if you are joining us and in which group! Send us a tweet or message on Facebook and join this amazing opportunity to help raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s. Donations can be made via www.justgiving.com/campaign/DropsUCI-vs-TindallCo-Chase