Jam Cycling

Jam Cycling

Storey Racing is delighted to be working with Jam Cycling who distribute InfoCrank in the UK. This scientific tool brings cycling torque and power measurement up to the standard required by the most demanding performance based teams.   The aim was to produce a product that could be used by the professionals in their everyday world and then suitably priced and packaged for the aspiring Olympian, professional or amateur alike.

The InfoCrank is independently tested and is considered to be precise and true at all levels between 0 and 3000watts. However, the key attribute of the InfoCrank is it’s simplicity and durability, both very important to elite cyclists who ride in all sorts of terrain and temperatures and climatic conditions.

The Storey Racing team will have access to accurate power measurement on all their bikes, thus ensuring there is never a watt missed. With race day selections being tough to make, having the backing of such a reliable source of data will be integral to the success of the riders and the team as a whole as everyone strives to personify the #BestVersionOfYou ethos.

The InfoCrank is distributed in the UK at www.jam-cycling.com

Contact information: George Galbraith hello@jam-cycling.com