Boardman Bikes

Boardman Bikes

Since 2007 our small but growing team has been going hell for leather just to keep up with demand. It’s been a lovely problem for us to have but when you’re flat out, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the bigger picture. So this year, we took time to stop and take stock: Were we still doing what excited us in the first place?  The first question asked of the team at the beginning of this year was ‘What does Boardman mean to you?’

Everyone in our company -without exception- rides a bike, but they all ride different bikes. Yes, we love high technology and cutting edge carbon, which will always be a big part of what we do but only a part. We are, just as motivated about making brilliant tools for people to go to the shops on or mountain bikes for off road adventures.

Once we embraced all the passion and diversity within the team it was easy to encapsulate where we should go next; not a different ambition but more focused on the bits that we are passionate about.

The values – promises if you like – that encapsulate what our company stands for will be the yardstick that we measure our every product, activity and decision against. We believe in making bicycles that we want to ride and we won’t build a bike that we can’t be proud of. We believe that whatever we make, should give the customer the best possible experience for their money. We believe in telling the customer the truth and that our products deliver any claims we make. We believe in a no-gimmicks approach and designing products that celebrate the beauty of function. We believe our bikes should enable you to have a better adventure. We believe cycling is good and that everyone should have the right to ride a bicycle in safety.

We believe bicycles are not a machine but a way of life. In 2017, the team will ride the SLR Endurance, Air and Air TT bikes, all with bespoke rider builds and our Team Captain will ride the Air Signature, SLR Signature and TTE Signature.

We are out there with you. Welcome to the new Boardman.