Six of the best product providers are returning to support Storey Racing this year as the team moves in to its second year of racing.

Having supported Dame Sarah Storey in 2016 a year in which she won 3 gold medals at the Rio Paralympics, Schwalbe, Revolver Disc, Secret Training and K3 Holders are joined by On The Rivet as well as the Manchester Fashion Institute both of which joined Storey Racing in 2017.

Schwalbe are Sarah’s longest serving sponsor and will be supplying race and training products including their superb Durano training tyres which are highly durable and reliable in all kinds of conditions. From a race perspective it’s the Pro 1 HT tubular with its superior rolling resistance and optimal grip in all conditions.

Revolver Disc are built in the north-east of England by Harry Walker and provide the team with a super lightweight and aerodynamic Time Trial Disc which outperforms many of the other market leading products. Revolver have also supported Beth Crumpton’s Cyclocross campaign with top of the range CX race wheels.

Secret Training is the brainchild of Tim Lawson and return to supply the team with race products. Gels, juice bars and flapjacks are complemented by the range of race fuel powders from the super-hydration mix or the slow release carbs and the energy drink and post race and training taken care of with both protein gels and powder. Created for athletes by an athlete who has over 20 years experience in developing the best sports nutrition products, Storey Racing riders are well fuelled for every race scenario.

K3 Holders hold the riders number plate and develop products specifically for bikes that don’t fit their standard products. Secure carriage of the number plate is one less thing for a race mechanic to worry about and ensures the rider is easily identified.

On The Rivet is a chamois creme made in and distributed from Dorset. New to the market in 2017, this is a affordable and very effective product ensuring the comfort of riders for every long day in the saddle.

The Manchester Fashion Institute is part of Manchester Metropolitan University and returns in 2018 to continue to develop and produce the leisurewear range for Storey Racing. It is hoped supporters t-shirts will also be available soon.

The team look forward to working with this superb group of product sponsors and as Barney explains, “Each of our product providers are making a very valuable contribution to our racing and training by ensuring every rider is well stocked with products that will enhance their ability to perform and make life easier. Not having to purchase the products in these categories ensures our valuable funds can be directed towards the race programme and training opportunities.”

With all the returning sponsors now announced, further introductions of new sponsors will be announced in the coming week.