When Storey Racing launched in March 2017 one of the founding principles was the team wanted to be able to provide the best environment possible for riders to excel and discover their own personal best. The team mantra #BestVersionOfYou has been ever present throughout the year as riders focus their efforts on the process of becoming the best they can be.

As part of the support provided to aid this quest the team are supplied with Infocrank power meters by Jam Cycling. The most reliable and accurate power meter on the market has been a vital tool in riders progression, allowing analysis of both training and race data. Regardless of the outcome the data has allowed lessons to be learned about what went well or less well and a strategy developed for further improvement.

George Galbraith of Jam Cycling said, “We love working with Storey Racing with the supply of Infocrank. The team are a highly motivated group of riders with immense talent and it’s exciting to see them use our product to map their journey to reaching their potential. We are very engaged with their unique approach and proud to be involved with a team that puts so much emphasis on the process goals of riders.”

Dame Sarah Storey has been supplied with the Infocrank product since 2014 and has been incredibly impressed by the longevity of the performance of the cranks and how low maintenance they are. “Every cyclist who works with a power meter will tell you that when their device fails it is always at a very inconvenient time. I’m so impressed with the durability of the Infocrank and the accuracy is unrivalled by another brand.”

Jam Cycling will continue their support in to 2018 and riders will have the cranks on their race and training bikes ensuring maximum opportunity for data collection and analysis of performance.

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