Subject to final confirmation the team have secured the team victory for the National Time Trial Series. Calculated by adding together the points of the top 3 riders from each team in the final individual rankings, the team prize goes to the team with the highest number of points. Any individual rider can score in a maximum 4 out of 6 events and with the series being a key racing tool for the team it is fantastic to see the hard work pay off.

EJay Harris, Jen George and Monica Dew were the top 3 counting riders for the team with Lizzy Banks and Beth Crumpton also placing inside the top 10 on the individual ranking. Illness prevented Chanel Mason from completing 4 rounds as she had to pull out of round 5 with a chest infection. Mercy Webb had a strong showing at the Buxton Mountain Time Trial but international racing and then exams were the reason for her not completing a full four rounds.

Incidentally, Monica Dew was also the highest placed under 23 female rider, but unlike for the under 23 men, this is not a category that is catered for in the women’s field. There is unfortunately still a long way to go before the pathway for men and women is equal in cycling.

As one of the few teams that places a strong emphasis on time trialling, the team is often asked about the rationale behind providing such top end Time Trial equipment to all our riders. Firstly the team believes in providing the same opportunity to everyone equally, having a positive environment where riders are encouraged to develop a new skill or work on a weakness is always a healthy one. Time Trialling is also a valuable tool for most race situations, whether that’s working your way back to the peloton after a wheel change or crash, firing yourself off the front of a race and going for a solo win or just getting through the TT stage of a stage race without any stress over the time limit or having to over exert yourself if you aren’t that comfortable riding a solo effort. Being able to Time Trial can also add that missing dimension to your training, means you aren’t reliant on training with other people all of the time and can give a struggling or injured rider a different focus.

It is quite common for a rider to have been told, “oh you aren’t a time trial specialist you don’t need to worry about that event.” However everyone can benefit from learning the skill of self pacing an effort and riding to changeable conditions. Many of the worlds greatest riders won’t always claim to be a time trial specialist but they have the ability to race a very respectable TT. Within the 2017 team there is a complete mix of riders, some who had never ridden a TT bike, others who didn’t previously have the opportunity and of course the ones who have an impressive pedigree . The one thing everyone has in common, is a huge potential to improve and this is what makes the approach so exciting.

For 2017 the Storey Racing team have been using the Boardman Air TT or TTE framesets, custom built for each rider to ensure they have the correct stem length for their reach and to fall within the UCI rules. The crankset is the Verve Infocrank which provides accurate power measurement and can be compared with the files produced on the road bikes. The rear disc wheels are provided by Harry Walker of Revolver Disc, supplying the team with market leading aerodynamics which also ensures the riders have the lightest wheel option too. Tyres come courtesy of the Schwalbe Pro One HT tubulars ensuring maximum grip and minimal rolling resistance regardless of the quality of the road surface. KASK helmets have also provided the team with a market leading product in the form of the KASK Bambino, superbly modelled for both performance and fit, the Bambino is a key part of the overall aerodynamic package provided to all riders.

Across the team it is always fantastic to see riders enjoying the opportunity to work on a skill they didn’t previously try and this very much personifies the team ethos #BestVersionOfYou

If you’d like more information about Time Trialling, some guidance on equipment or to hear more about the team ethos and time trial results please contact Barney or Sarah on