When it comes to vision in cycling, it’s an area often overlooked with competitive and leisure cyclists alike choosing their eyewear based on the look of a frame rather than the performance of its lens.

When it comes to adidas eyewear, who have been glasses supplier to Storey Racing in 2017, there’s no compromise made with the quality of the lens, so the glasses are not just stylish and comfortable to wear but also provide the best possible protection for the eye.

The team at adidas eyewear have worked hard to develop a lens that performs optimally in a variety of environmental conditions with the protection of the eye both internally and externally being of equal importance. This high performance

“I have used the adidas glasses in both London and Rio,” commented Dame Sarah Storey, “and the quality of the product is constantly improving. There’s the obvious benefits to wearing glasses in cycling, such as in case grit flicks up, but many people forget the potential sun damage the eyes can suffer. The technology in the adidas lens has been developed to ensure maximal UV protection and I particularly like their vario lens which is so useful in changing light conditions.”

Throughout the year the team have used a red tinted lens alongside the vario giving a choice according to light conditions. For the evening events the vario lens has been particularly useful and also for races with significant shading from trees, particularly on fast sections such as descents.

In 2018 the team will continue to be supplied by adidas eyewear and will sport leisure glasses off the bike as well as the performance glasses on the bike. In order to ensure the optimal size and fit of the glasses the team from adidas eyewear will be attending the team medicals weekend in Swansea in January.