The health and well-being of riders was another founding principle of Storey Racing, personifying the team’s mantra #BestVersionOfYou. Whether it’s fatigue and illness, psychological support or the vital presence of a head injury protocol, ensuring the team riders have medical backup was a high priority. It’s a much talked about topic amongst riders, whether they have sufficient back up and understanding should the worst happen. No athlete likes to be out of action, so Storey Racing are proud to be connected, via the not-for-profit organisation HMT Hospitals, to some of the best sports medics for when support and rehab is required.

From even before the official launch of Storey Racing, HMT conducted thorough medical screenings on all the riders and set up any necessary follow up assessments. Establishing a baseline for the head injury protocol was central to the doctors assessment and this proved vital to several riders who suffered head injuries during the season. Injury prevention through a proactive approach to the results of a Physio screening proved vital and a number of riders have had niggly muscle or joint issues solved as a result.

For first year under 23, Monica Dew the HMT support has been a vital part of her success, “My first year as an under 23 has not only seen me produce my best performances but also recover from some injury and health setbacks. The HMT screening was a learning curve I am fortunate to have experienced and as a result I’ve been able to resolve an injury niggle in my back. The screening also resulted in some additional follow up appointments which I am grateful to have been made aware of.”

“There’s no doubt my progress has been aided by the approach of our medical support and team staff placing so much importance on long term rider health. When I suffered a head injury in September the conservative approach and preventing me racing was very frustrating but I’m so glad they were more interested in my recovery than race results.”

The team are delighted to have the continued support of HMT in to 2018 as they will host the medical screenings in January at their Sancta Maria hospital in Swansea.

Barney Storey commented on the support provided by HMT by saying, “As a former international rider I know how vitally important it is to have medical back up. What we have with HMT is world class back up and the peace of mind that riders will always have the best support for rehab, screenings and any other medical issue.”

“I’m fortunate to have worked with HMT at my previous team too and have first hand experience of the expertise of the practitioners we have access to. It’s always been my philosophy that we make decisions based on the bigger picture and so if a rider needs to have more time off the bike to solve an issue that could affect her in the long term, that takes priority. Having medical support to provide that directive and the route back to fitness is crucial and HMT do a superb job at the heart of our team.”

The medical screenings in 2018 will be of a similar content to 2017 with riders having a doctors consultation where a health history is taken or updated for returning riders, the head injury protocol baseline will also be established. Bloods, blood pressure and an ECG will be taken, as well as a Physio screening and exercise prescription made to tackle any areas that need addressing from a physio perspective. A one to one nutrition screening will be provided and a respiratory screening. In addition this year there will be a dental screening added thanks to support from Thirty Three Dental who are based in Witney in Oxfordshire and are very keen on ensuring high standards of dental health in the athlete population.

HMT Hospitals are a not for profit organisation with two sites in Swansea and Grimsby. Cycling is an integral part of their health promotion and they use their “Ride With The Pros” series to further inspire people to take to two wheels. Recent research has shown the health benefits of cycling and encouraging more people on two wheels will play a significant role in improving the nations health and well-being.