Hey guys, Mon here!

Wow so the first race of the season has been and gone. It’s crazy how fast the winter has gone. We raced Eddie Soens at the weekend followed by our team launch at Aintree race circuit.

Soooo… it was an early race on Saturday; race started at 9:30am and if you know me you will definitely know that I am not a morning person! We arrived at the circuit and it started to rain really hard. Not everyone likes to race in the rain however I love it. In my head I’m thinking other people will lose confidence in their ability so this means you’re one up on some of riders in the race. I remember my dad used to shout ‘TRUST YOUR TYRES’ and this is easier said than done however thanks to our fantastic tyre sponsor ‘Schwalbe’ we can now completely trust our tyres which means it’s one less thing to worry about in a race as they handled the conditions perfectly. Also psychologically it’s great because it boosts your confidence pre race. So warmup is done and we’re on the start line for the first time as a 9 strong team, this is a great feeling! 5,4,3,2,1… flag drops! We’re off and straight away our plan was to make it as hard as possible from the go so that’s what we did. Covered in mud within a lap and completely soaked but loving it, the fast nature of this race suited me well and I was surfing wheels confidently.

photo: Chris Meads

With half the race done the elite men caught us and most riders jumped in which meant the group swelled massively but this means more places to hide within the group. I always remember Barney Storey (our team DS) saying to me last year in a circuit race with around 3 laps to go try and locate all your team mates, so this is what I did and I could see 6 team mates. I stuck near them in the closing couple of laps as the race was still full gas so I was just following wheels and trying to move up in the corners.

DING! DING! DING! The final lap was upon us in no time and I just went full gas to stick with the wheels and luckily coming out of the last corner I had a clear run to the finish so gave it whatever sprint I had left in my tired legs and came across the line 4th Woman and 57th overall. For me to feel how I did reflects a hard winters work so I was really pleased with my form and how powerful and switched on I felt. A great start to the season for Storey Racing!

Team Launch time! We’d all been waiting for this! This was the time we could officially announce our awesome new team mates and announce our plans and goals for this season. So we arrive at the Jockey Club at Aintree Race Course which was a bit surreal! I’d always wanted to go and watch the horse racing so that was cool to be at the venue! Anyway, all of our sponsors were there and there was a buffet style lunch put on which was very welcomed after racing, so we jumped straight in for some devine food before getting prepped for the official launch.

At 2pm the launch went live on facebook with our fab commentator Marty McDonald who introduced new riders and we spoke about our sponsors. Most of our sponsors were there which was really nice because usually we don’t get to interact and get to personally know our sponsors outside of a crazy race environment so to be able to have chats with them and to say a massive thank you for their support was really great.

Photo: Chris Meads

Each rider got assigned a sponsor to talk about and mine was KASK helmets. This is a helmet that I have ridden for the past 4 years so I was glad I was able to show how much I love the product and express how it helped me in a crash I had back in September. I took a bump to the head but luckily the helmet took the impact and I was able to walk away with only mild concussion.

So after finishing off with some team pictures and grabbing ourselves some sponsor goodies that was our team launch 2018 over and done with. I am so grateful for the support and the love this team gives. So now what’s left is to get racing! And I can’t wait!!

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for more blogs on our racing madness ☺ Ciao X