The second of our new product suppliers for 2018 are Fenwick’s the family company based in Shropshire who make clean bikes their business.

Boasting a range of products to take the hard work out of cleaning your bike, Fenwick’s promote the benefit of bike cleaning to maximise the life of your components and make everything work more smoothly.

“A clean bike is a requirement of being a team rider,” said Barney Storey. “It doesn’t matter which team you go to, having a dirty bike is a no-no and it’s just not professional.”

“Having such a high quality brand as Fenwick’s keen to provide to the team and riders is fantastic and will save riders and staff alike huge amounts of time.”

For Fenwick’s it was a great opportunity to be able to work with Storey Racing as the team represent the values of the company. “We are thrilled to be working with Storey Racing,” commented Jonathon Smith of Fenwick’s. “We are inspired by their motto #BestVersionOfYou which holds synergy to the message we put out about the benefits of cleaning the bike to the best of your ability using our time-saving products.”

The riders will benefit from a workshop where all the tricks of the trade are shared along with a demonstration on how to use the products to maximise their effect.

Further information and the range of products can be found on the Fenwick’s website