The superbly designed Storey Racing Le Col kit was again worn by riders racing on the first weekend in January, confirming that for 2018 the brand will again be supplying our cycling apparel. With Beth Crumpton securing victory in round 6 of the National Cyclocross Trophy and thus clinching the overall series victory in fine style, plus Monica Dew and Emily Nelson churning out the watts in some exciting races at the final round of the Revolution Series, the striking design has continued to receive much acclaim.

The creation of the Storey Racing team was a process that began with the development of the logo, which of course is centred around the heart-rate trace contained inside the O of Storey. The colour scheme was an easy decision and then of course everything needed bringing to life with a striking kit design.

A chat with Yanto Barker, founder of Le Col cycling apparel, saw a synergy quickly develop and the result was soon discovered in the design of the kit the team have enjoyed wearing throughout this first year in 2017.

“We wanted to create a striking design that would be easily recognisable and not need replacing for years 2, 3 and beyond,” explained Barney Storey. “Our hope was that people would see the kit and know it was us without having to read the name on the front.”

“There’s no doubt Yanto and his team achieved this straightaway and we are delighted to be moving in to 2018 with the same striking design and just a few adjustments on the logo’s for the second year. The kit design also transferred well on to our team vehicles and as we hoped the O containing the heart beat, has become a recognisable symbol of Storey Racing.”

Winter wear from the Le Col range has been incredibly popular and well used in British weather!

In addition to the race skinsuits, the team have enjoyed wearing a vast range of garments from the Le Col range and have been able to put them to the test in a variety of environments thanks to the varied competition and training programme of the team. Beth Crumpton has been the one rider to take the kit from the height of a European summer, to the depths of winter explains how versatile the kit range has been, “I have loved wearing the various pieces of kit from Le Col as everything has been thought of. There is an old saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing’ and I firmly believe this is true.”

“I have worn every item of kit so often and even on those in between weather days, I always seem to be able to get the right balance of clothing with this Le Col range. The short sleeve jerseys and bib shorts are obviously a staple of our race wear and wash brilliantly, even when we are forced to hand wash during a stage race without access to a washing machine. During the course of the cross season I have competed in 30 degree heat in the USA to minus figures in Europe and I haven’t had to worry about being wrongly dressed. It has also been exciting to wear the yellow leaders jersey which Le Col made in to a skinsuit for me for the National Cyclocross Trophy. I’m excited for the team to continue to ride in this kit for 2018, it’s definitely one of the best I have worn.”

Speaking about the reason for becoming involved with the team, Yanto Barker said, “Storey Racing has been a great team for us to be involved with as they have been active all year round and producing some fantastic performances which really showcases the garments we have to offer. It’s always helpful when a team can provide feedback on clothing from a range of difference environments and cycling disciplines and the Storey Racing riders have been very busy in road, track and cyclocross events and in all kinds of weather.”

“The kit design has worked incredibly well and is extremely recognisable which we are very pleased about, so the 2018 version of the kit will again be on sale. As more and more women take to two wheels it is important for Le Col to be able to provide them with the very best options of cycling clothing and thanks to Storey Racing riders we know that our products are rigorously tested.”

The rear of the jersey sees a subtle change in design to conform with UCI regs. The O taking centre stage.

The kit for 2018 will feature some new logos [more of that to come!] and will also bear the UCI Women’s team logo which signifies the teams step up to join the UCI ranks. As a UCI Women’s Team in 2018, Storey Racing will not only have access to additional racing opportunities but they will be the first team at this level to be supporting the competition ambitions of a Trike specialist, as Hannah Dines continues with the squad for a second year.

Stepping up to register as a UCI team is part of the Storey’s strategy of ensuring they can provide the very best racing opportunities within the resources they have available. Whilst not in a position to challenge the majority of the teams in the rankings from a budget perspective, there is no shortage of expertise and ambition which will ensure the riders can continue to develop and work towards the team ethos #BestVersionOfYou. Both Barney and Sarah Storey have experience in supporting riders to achieve professional contracts in the bigger UCI teams and both know how to race and use the resources available to make a huge impact. As they continue to seek sponsorship for their Lead Partner position, the team will ensure the riders have ample opportunity to continue learning in a friendly and well-supported environment where provision and opportunity are a valuable currency.

“We seek to support ambition and create opportunity,” qualified Barney. “Our move will make us a small fish in the bigger pond of the UCI rankings but we are working to ensure riders have as many opportunities as possible, alongside an enjoyable experience and feeling valued. We wish we could have a bigger roster and bigger race programme, but we work within our budget and ensure the riders are developed to have the right mindset and professional approach.”

“Women’s cycling is a tough environment with very few living wage contracts available, so we pride ourselves on placing importance on a dual career approach, where riders can develop other skills whilst still having the opportunity to race at the level that challenges and excites them. We are also UK-centric and supporting riders who choose to live and train at home because of the support network they have around them.”

The team will next race at the Track Nationals in Manchester with Monica Dew, Emily Nelson and Neah Evans before the latter two look to be selected for World Track Championships and Commonwealth Games. Road competition starts in late March and will go through to the end of September where the team plan to line up for the World Team Time Trial Championships.

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