As 2017 draws to a close we can reflect on a successful inaugural year as Storey Racing and look ahead to 2018 and beyond with excitement.

The team have been clothed from head to toe with market leading brands from the world of cycling and what better place to start than with a thank you to our helmet sponsors KASK.

The Italian based brand is world renowned for creating high performance head protection whilst not losing style or comfort. The helmet of choice for Dame Sarah Storey in Rio 2016 where she won an impressive 3 gold medals, KASK were keen to supply helmets to Storey Racing and have recently renewed the partnership with the team through to the end of 2020.

In 2017 the superb KASK Infinity, Mojito and Bambino Pro helmets saw the team through its first successful season. Whilst for 2018 the top of the range Protone and Valegro helmets will also be part of the riders equipment list.

The value of this partnership has never been more stark than in the assessment of riders health post crash situation. As a team with a head injury protocol, who also know first hand the importance of never ignoring the signs of concussion, KASK helmets are a vital part of the protection of rider health and safety.

“Working with KASK is a dream come true for any team,” said Sports Director Barney Storey. “The quality and design of the helmets is unrivalled and as a team director I know the riders have the best protection for a crash situation and a high performance product that positively contributes to the aerodynamics of the rider.”

“Everyone in the team is delighted to see KASK remain with the team for the next 3 years and we are looking forward with excitement as to what we can achieve in that time.”

The teams distinctive colours have been matched to the helmets with no detail left ignored. From the leather of the chin strap to the ventilation positioning, every detail for performance has been scrutinised and optimised for the rider.

Speaking of the partnership with Storey Racing, KASK Cycling Brand Manager, Ylenia Battistello said, “Women’s cycling in the UK is going from strength to strength, with more and more women riding bikes, so for us it is great to be associated with the Storey Racing team, led by one of the UK’s most successful female cyclists. The team has gone from strength to strength in our first year partnership in 2017 so we are delighted to be supporting their 3 year plan through to the end of 2020.”

Competitions in 2018 start on the first weekend of January with the track team competing at Manchester Revolution in their KASK Bambino Pro and Infinity models whilst Beth Crumpton takes on the final round of the National Cyclocross Trophy in her KASK Infinity.